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Which exam board do you use?

After a discussion of the exam boards our schools choose to use at recent meeting we thought it would be useful to share our thoughts.

We are aware many schools are not making decisions at this point in time regarding the new A level qualifications but for now, this is who we currently use and why.  We are aware this is a small sample so please do comment with your school’s experiences of all available exam boards including some reasons for why.

Independent school

“We are currently using Edexcel for historic reasons and have found its consistency over 14 years beneficial in our students success.  Our students all sit Edexcel International GCSE and the transition between the two is well supported.  We’ve found it very accessible for EAL students and the board support invaluable (Maths Emporium and ResultsPlus).  We love Further Pure, however we do think that the Statistics strand content could show better progression.”

6th Form College

“We use AQA, again really for historic reasons.  We like the fact that there are four further pure modules so it gives us more choice.  We like the structure of the exam questions.  We don’t like the variation in the grade boundaries year on year as the papers have become less consistent.  We also like that AQA offer an stand alone A Level in Statistics and have used this as a more suitable alternative to A Level Mathematics for some students.”

Secondary Comprehensive

“We use Edexcel because we like the consistency it gives our students who sit Edexcel GCSE Mathematics.  We have also found the support from Maths Emporium and ResultsPlus beneficial as a department.  We have found the language used in the questions more accessible to our students but don’t feel the scaffolded style of questions best prepares our strongest candidates for further study in Mathematics.”

International 6th Form

“We use CIE partly because it’s recognised and respected by our overseas students and their families but also because the CIE Mathematics A Level syllabus is deeper than some others.  However, we are concerned that the Further Mathematics syllabus does not include a sufficiently broad range of topics.  Another reason for choosing this exam board is that there still exists a November sitting and we have a second cohort that start each January.”