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STEM grants for Teachers

From the National STEM Centre “The Ri and the Causeway Foundation are offering UK schools grants of up to £500 to host a show, talk, workshop, debate, challenge or other STEM activity to supplement their students’ classroom activities.

Grants of up to £500 are being offered to eligible state-funded schools, academies and FE colleges in the UK to take part in an Enrichment and Enhancement (E&E) STEM activity from the STEM Directories before July 2015.

The Scheme is now open and the deadline for applications is 9th February 2015 at 5pm. For more information and to apply, visit the STEM Directories website.

Priority will be given to schools meeting certain criteria – please see the grant terms for more details.”


London Mathematical Society Grants for Teachers

1) Small Grants for Education (from £600 to £800):
This grant is to stimulate interest and enable involvement in mathematics from Key Stage 1 to 5 (and beyond) by enhancing and enriching mathematical study beyond the curriculum, engaging the public with mathematics and encouraging unusual ways of communicating mathematics.

2) Teacher CPD Grants (up to £400):
This grant is here to provide opportunities for mathematics teachers to attend training which is specially mathematical. It is intended to facilitate mathematical professional development to allow teachers in UK schools to develop their subject knowledge, engage in a deeper understanding of how to develop mathematical thinking, appreciate the interconnectivity of mathematical topics, update themselves on mathematical curriculum reform and the use of technology where appropriate.